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Cover is the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science offering three types of activities:

  • Social

    We organise weekly borrels, monthly socials and tons of other activities. If you are interested in these topics and also want to have a genuinely good time, drop by the Cover room in the Bernoulliborg on Zernike campus (0041a), because that's where we live. We are open on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

  • Study

    We organise study support lectures about our degree programs. You can join workshops that either dig deeper into materials, or offer some fresh knowledge. You can also find help using our tutoring system!

  • Career

    We also offer career oriented events. Regularly, we have companies over to hold talks about certain career paths. You will find this interesting if you want to talk to students who finished their studies and now work at companies or if you are interested in what companies are up to in general.



DataDump's Cybersecurity Awareness Survey

By: DataDump on June 21, 2021 15:01

Direct link to survey:

Dear Cover members,

We would like to know what the association and beyond know about cybersecurity!
What are the best practices, what are the most recent data leaks, have you been hacked yourself - we are curious!

There is a PRIZE to a random person who completes the survey!

Of course your answers will be treated anonymously.
You can take the survey on mobile or desktop devices here:

Yours truly,

Candidate Board XXX!

By: Board on June 14, 2021 22:25

We are happy to announce Candidate Board XXX, which consists of

Alissa Gieben - Chairman & Secretary
Leon Westerveld - Treasurer
Zoe Tzifa Kratira - Commissioner of Internal & Educational Affairs
Aine Dwane - Commissioner of External Affairs
(from left to right: Leon, Alissa, Zoe, Aine)

We are beyond happy and thankful for this group, and hope they will enjoy their Board year as much as we have so far! In the upcoming months, the Board and Candidate Board will join their efforts to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Career Day company announcement: GDBC

By: ComExA on May 4, 2021 13:29

Career Day company announcement: HTG

By: ComExA on April 29, 2021 10:34

Career Day company announcement: Reconcept

By: ComExA on April 26, 2021 17:35

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