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Currently, you are on the website of Cover! We are the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. Quite frankly, we also happen to be the best around. If you are interested in these topics and also want to have a genuinely good time, drop by the Cover room in the Bernoulliborg on Zernike campus (0041a), because that's where we live.

Cover can offer you three types of activities:
- First, we are an association comprised of (mostly) students. That means the social aspect is an important part of our core competences. We organise weekly borrels, monthly socials and tons of other activities.
- Second, we centre around the two study programs of the University of Groningen, Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. Therefore, we also offer a plethora of study related events. You can attend study support lectures, if you have problems with study materials. You can join workshops that either dig deeper into materials, or offer some fresh knowledge. Or, you can find help using our tutoring system!
- Third, are you interested in life after your studies? We also offer career oriented events. Regularly, we have companies over to give us talks and discussion topics about certain career paths. You will find this interesting if you want to talk to students who finished their studies and now work at companies or if you are interested in what companies are up to in general.

For a more detailed overview of our upcoming events, have a look to your left!


March 25, 2019 12:56

Placed by: StudCee

Having trouble with your logic rules? Is P suddenly not P anymore? It's absurd! Fortunately, the StudCee is here to provide study support! So please join our lecture where we'll recap the material, and try to answer your questions.

28th of March, 13:00 in NB 5111.0080!

    March 13, 2019 22:28

    Placed by: Board

    This year, our international activity is an escape room. We will be going to Escape Hunt in Groningen and competing against each other to see who can escape their room first. Afterwards we will be going to Pizzeria Italia for dinner. A free pizza/pasta and a drink are included. There are only 30 spaces so sign up before all the places are taken! You can sign up for the event by clicking here.

      March 4, 2019 17:45

      Placed by: ComExA

      March is Career Month!

      This month we will be having a career related activity each week, all with lunch provided!

      - Abbey Games about their new game Godhood, game engines and game AI
      - Dataprovider about attentive selection for object recognition
      - DUO about information security
      - ING with a data analytics case/game

      Details about the activities can be found in the agenda. Keep an eye out for updates on the website and posters!

        From the 26th of April till the 4th of May, Cover is travelling to three beautiful cities in Europe: Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. This trip will be packed with activities! We will explore the culture and history of the cities, find out what the companies and universities there do with AI and CS and last but not least, we will have a great time!

        If this sounds amazing to you, don't hesitate to sign up on our website! On there you can also find more details about what we will do during the trip. The sign-ups will close on the 18th of March.

        A short summary of the programme (click here for the full programme):
        25th of April - We will leave Groningen by train late in the evening
        26th of April - Arrival in Vienna
        27th of April - King's Day Party
        29th of April - Just a short 1 hour bus ride to Bratislava
        29th of April - Visit to the company TourRadar and pub crawl through Bratislava
        1st of May - Another short bus ride (2.5 hours this time) to Budapest
        2nd of May - Pizza and Booze cruise on the Danube
        3rd of May - Spa day for a relaxing conclusion of the trip
        4th of May - We're taking a plane back to Schiphol

          February 5, 2019 13:01

          Placed by: Board

          The Alphabet Party is an annual party organised by various study associations of the University of Groningen. Every year we choose a letter from the alphabet and base a theme on that letter. You can all make up your own costume starting with the letter we chose that year.

          This year the letter is S! You can either dress as a saint or a sinner this Valentine's and come party with us at the Huize Maas. The doors open at 22:30. If you don't have a costume already you can buy one at Confetti. The ticket for the Alphabet Party includes a 10% discount for Confetti.

          To buy a ticket for this party you must sign up! Once you have filled it out you should contact the board of Cover who will give you a physical ticket. Presale tickets are €7 and are available until 11th February. After that, you can buy a ticket at the door for €8.50.

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