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Cover is the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science offering three types of activities:

  • Social

    We organise weekly borrels, monthly socials and tons of other activities. If you are interested in these topics and also want to have a genuinely good time, drop by the Cover room in the Bernoulliborg on Zernike campus (0041a), because that's where we live. We are open on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

  • Study

    We organise study support lectures about our degree programs. You can join workshops that either dig deeper into materials, or offer some fresh knowledge. You can also find help using our tutoring system!

  • Career

    We also offer career oriented events. Regularly, we have companies over to hold talks about certain career paths. You will find this interesting if you want to talk to students who finished their studies and now work at companies or if you are interested in what companies are up to in general.



FCG Kickoff - Introduction to Competitive Programming

By: Fully Connected Graph on February 12, 2022 17:46

Feeling confident in your coding skills (or not)? Want to improve your Algorithms & DS knowledge, and become an effective problem solver? Then this is your chance to rise and code! Join a 2 hours programming workshop to get to know interested people like you, what opportunities the new FCG committee can offer you, and everything about the competitive programming scene, inside and outside the Netherlands. Our ultimate aim is to improve your abilities to solve creative programming puzzles. The session will be divided into two parts: Introduction to Competitive Programming, followed by a practical programming and problem solving session. Bring your (beast of a) laptop!

This event will take place on the 16th Feb, from 3 to 5pm, in BB room 5118.152, see you there!

Cover room temporarily closed (except for food pickup)

By: Board on November 17, 2021 11:12

Hello everyone!

Because of the new corona measures a few things surrounding the Cover room are changing starting today. It is firstly not allowed anymore for members to sit in the room. The only thing still allowed is for people to buy drinks/snacks. These will however have to be consumed outside of the room as well. Currently only the board is allowed to stay in the room, meaning we will be the only ones to open and close it as well. That also mean the opening times of the rooms will alter for the upcoming weeks as sticking to the normal 11:00-17:00 schedule will not be managable for just us. For today (17-11-2021) however we can guarantee that the room will be open from 11:00-14:00 for anyone who wants to pick up coffee of tea, or buy any drinks or snacks.

The opening times of the room will be as follows for the next few weeks:
The room will be guaranteed open between 11:00-14:00 most days, except for:
- Friday 19-11, the room will only guaranteed be open from 11:00-13:00.
- Tuesday 23-11 the room will be closed the entire day because of SNiC.

In case of the room opening earlier or closing later, I would like to direct everyone to, which will give an accurate idea of when the room is open besides those times.

Study Room booked for Exam Period

By: Board on November 1, 2021 13:39

As usual, the room next to the Cover Room (0041b) will be available during this exam period for everyone looking for a quiet space (with proximity to coffee) to study together with other Cover members smile.gif

Room Availability Dates:
- Wednesday November 3rd
- Friday November 5th
- Monday November 8th
- Tuesday November 9th
- Wednesday November 10th
- Thursday November 11th

Every day the room is available from 11:00-17:00!

Good luck with your exams!

Speaker announcement A.R.T. Symposium 20-09

By: SympoCee on September 15, 2021 18:03

We are excited to announce four speakers that will speak at the A.R.T. Symposium next Monday, the 20th of september!

Daniel Domscheit-Berg is well-known as a former spokesman for Wikileaks. He is an activist and IT security expert.

Hans de Zwart is the former director of the civil rights organisation Bits of Freedom, and is cofounder of the Racism and Technology Center. As a philosopher, he focuses on the ethics and philosophy of technology.

Andrea Aler Tubella is a senior research engineer at Umeå University in the Responsible AI group, working on concrete tools to explain, audit and develop intelligent systems responsibly.

Raphaële Xenidis is lecturer in EU law at The University of Edinburgh. She will add an interesting legal perspective to the discussion.

For more information about the speakers, and to sign up to the event, go to the website.

Symposium 2021: A.R.T. IN AI

By: SympoCee on September 2, 2021 21:04

After one postponement and a lot of anticipation, one of Cover’s biggest annual events is back - and it is in person!!!

The symposium will take place at the Forum and it will be a day full of interesting speakers and experts of diverse fields giving talks and discussing with each other. Lunch and drinks will be provided and we will end the day with a borrel in the Forum.
As for this year’s theme, we didn’t have to look far for inspiration; just looking at AI developments every day, there are serious ethical question popping up: algorithmic bias, responsibility gap in autonomous decision making, data privacy.

If you cannot attend in person, you can still sign up for the livestream option smile.gif (lunch included)
Go to our website for information as it gets released, and don't forget to sign up!

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