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Cover is the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science offering three types of activities:

  • Social

    We organise weekly borrels, monthly socials and tons of other activities. If you are interested in these topics and also want to have a genuinely good time, drop by the Cover room in the Bernoulliborg on Zernike campus (0041a), because that's where we live. We are open on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

  • Study

    We organise study support lectures about our degree programs. You can join workshops that either dig deeper into materials, or offer some fresh knowledge. You can also find help using our tutoring system!

  • Career

    We also offer career oriented events. Regularly, we have companies over to hold talks about certain career paths. You will find this interesting if you want to talk to students who finished their studies and now work at companies or if you are interested in what companies are up to in general.


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Consider the Science Communication & Education Master!

By: Board on November 23, 2023 19:11

Hey you! Are you busy looking for a master's already? If you think a research master is not for you, consider a master in science communication/education! Within this master, you can follow one of our two tracks. In the Communication track, you will follow courses on science journalism, make a podcast, science videos, and many more. For an impression of the assignments, also check our website. This track is taught in English. In the Education track, you will learn everything you need to become a secondary school teacher, through courses and internships. As you will be working in Dutch high schools, you need to be fluent in Dutch.

Interested and wanting to know more? Contact if you have questions, or want to get a better impression of the master!

Members Wanted for Potential SNiC 2025 Committee

By: SNiC on November 22, 2023 17:58

Are you also excited to attend the SNiC next week? Us too! Imagine organizing one though....

📢 Would you like to leave your mark and organize such a large event yourself? Then you are in luck - Cover is officially looking for a potential SNiC Committee! 💕
Read more about it at

P.S. The SNiC is a conference that is organised yearly by a new group of student volunteers. Every year from a different city. Visitors are enthusiastic Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor and master students from all over the country. Over the past years the conference has grown considerably. Where in 2017 the conference was visited by 450 students, we expect around 800+ visitors in this edition!

No-photo pins available at events

By: Board on November 9, 2023 15:06

🚫📸 Introducing "No-Photo" Pins 🚫📸

If you prefer not to be photographed by us at any Cover events, grab a "No-Photo" pin (see picture). PhotoCee members will make sure not to take pictures of anyone wearing the pins!

They will be placed next to the Pixels QR codes, but you can ask the board or the organizing committee for one as well.

SNiC 2023 CreativIT

By: Board on October 17, 2023 14:29

Dear student,

Coming 29th November the 2023 Edition of the SNiC Conference - CreativIT will take place in 'DeFabrique' in Utrecht.

First, for those of you that aren’t all too familiar, a little more about the SNiC conference: The SNiC conference itself takes place yearly in November, in a different city every year. It attracts hundreds of students from all throughout the country. It’s a single-day event where lots of speakers come and give an interesting talk about state-of-the-art technology or practices in the aforementioned fields. Not only is the day filled with exciting presentations about innovation, during the breaks and after the event you’re also able to have a chat with  any of the participating companies of the conference. They can tell you a lot about career-related questions and projects that their companies are currently working on related to the themes of the conference.

This year the theme will be CreativIT, focusing on the creative ways our industry is rapidly developing. Information on the different tracks can be found on our website ( Speakers will be announced on our Instagram (snic_creativit), but one of them is our keynote speaker Sam Aaron. During his talk "Code Like a DJ with Sonic PI" he will be live coding a show for us!

TL;DR Join us on the 29th of November in Utrecht for an inspiring and engaging conference featuring innovative talks about computer science and company contact; lunch, borrel and dinner included!

Contact your board or check out your association’s website for tickets. As mentioned, you can follow us on snic_creativit on Instagram for updates and check out for more information!

Looking forward to seeing you the 29th,
SNiC 2023 CreativIT

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