Former Boards

These are our former boards.
Photo of Board XXXI: Sapere Aude (2022/2023)

Board XXXI: Sapere Aude (2022/2023)


Chairman: Fabian Cuza
Secretary & Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Alexandra Thudor
Treasurer: Thomas Velthuis
Commissioner of External Affairs: Cristina-Maria Pătrașcu
Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Mattias van der Kolk

f.l.t.r. Cristina, Alexandra, Fabian, Thomas, Mattias; Photo: David Vanghelescu
Photo of Board XXX: Carpe Diem (2021/2022)

Board XXX: Carpe Diem (2021/2022)


Chairman & Secretary: Alissa Gieben
Treasurer: Leon Westerveld
Commissioner of Internal & Educational Affairs: Zoe Tzifa-Kratira
Commissioner of External Affairs: Aine Dwane

Photo: Rachelle Bouwens
Photo of Board XXIX: Ex Machina (2020/2021)

Board XXIX: Ex Machina (2020/2021)


Chairman & Secretary: Leonidas Zotos
Treasurer: Justin Mulder
Commissioner of Internal & External Affairs: Amber Chen
Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Gonçalo Hora Carvalho

Photo: Martijn Luinstra
Photo of Board XXVIII: Pivot (2019/2020)

Board XXVIII: Pivot (2019/2020)


Chairman & Secretary: Marieke Kopmels
Treasurer & Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Janco van der Molen
Commissioner of Internal & External Affairs: Feline van Aagten

Photo: Martijn Luinstra
Photo of Board XXVII: Ad Hominem (2018/2019)

Board XXVII: Ad Hominem (2018/2019)


Chairman: Maximilian Velich
Secretary: David Homan
Treasurer: Daan Lambert
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Chris Ausema
Commissioner of External Affairs: Jan Christiaan Zwier
Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Emily

Photo: Martijn Luinstra
Photo of Board XXVI: Sharp (2017/2018)

Board XXVI: Sharp (2017/2018)


Chairman: Kevin Gevers
Secretary: Yannick Stoffers
Treasurer: Nico Stegeman
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Marie-Claire Lankhorst
Commissioner of External Affairs: Maureen van der Grinten

Photo: Martijn Luinstra, Annet Onnes
Photo of Board XXV: BOLD (2016/2017)

Board XXV: BOLD (2016/2017)


Chairman: Tineke Jelsma
Secretary: Jelle Egbers
Treasurer: Stijn Kramer
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Lisa Deckers
Commissioner of External Affairs: Robin Twickler

Photo: Martijn Luinstra, Annet Onnes
Photo of Board XXIV: Evolution (2015/2016)

Board XXIV: Evolution (2015/2016)


Chairman: Jonathan Hogervorst
Secretary: Annet Onnes
Treasurer: Jip Maijers
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Sanne Bouwmeester
Commissioner of External Affairs: Diederik Eilers

Photo: Martijn Luinstra, Annet Onnes
Photo of Board XXIII: Harmony (2014/2015)

Board XXIII: Harmony (2014/2015)


Chairman: Robin Hermes
Secretary: Liese Puck Schmidt
Treasurer: Guus Klinkenberg
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Tim Haarman
Commissioner of External Affairs: Merel Wiersma

Photo: Martijn Luinstra, Annet Onnes
Photo of Board XXII: Enlightenment (2013/2014)

Board XXII: Enlightenment (2013/2014)


Chairman: Harmke Alkemade
Secretary: Jelmer van der Linde
Treasurer: Martijn Luinstra
Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Davey Schilling
Commissioner of External Affairs: Sybren Römer

Photo: Anita Drenthen
Photo of Board XXI: Plus Plus (2012/2013)

Board XXI: Plus Plus (2012/2013)


Voorzitter: Marten Schutten
Secretaris: Arnoud van der Meulen
Penningmeester: Emma van Linge
Commissaris Intern: Lotte Noteboom
Commissaris Extern: Jordi van Giezen

Photo: Anita Drenthen
Photo of Board XX: Helder (2011/2012)

Board XX: Helder (2011/2012)


Voorzitter: Ben Wolf
Secretaris: Maikel Grobbe
Penningmeester: Laura Baakman
Commissaris Intern: Jouke van der Weij
Commissaris Extern: Maarten van Gijssel
Photo of Board XIX: Stabiliteit (2010/2011)

Board XIX: Stabiliteit (2010/2011)


Voorzitter: Gabe van der Weijde
Secretaris: Tineke Slotegraaf
Penningmeester: Joris de Keijser
Commissaris Intern: Diederick Kaaij
Commissaris Extern: Wolter Peterson
Photo of Board XVIII: Verbonden (2009/2010)

Board XVIII: Verbonden (2009/2010)


Voorzitter: Anita Drenthen
Secretaris: Eveline Broers
Penningmeester: Marco Bosman
Commissaris Intern: Eric Jansen
Commissaris Extern: Dirk Zittersteyn
Photo of Board XVII: Infinity (2008/2009)

Board XVII: Infinity (2008/2009)


Voorzitter: Sjors Lutjeboer
Secretaris: Ruud Henken
Penningmeester: Dyon Veldhuis
Commissaris Intern: Sybren Jansen
Commissaris Extern: Ben van Os
Photo of Board XVI: De Ontwaking (2007/2008)

Board XVI: De Ontwaking (2007/2008)


Voorzitter: Joël Kuiper
Secretaris: Daniël Karavolos
Penningmeester: Wilco Wijbrandi
Commissaris Intern: Margreet Vogelzang
Commissaris Extern: Peter Jorritsma
Photo of Board XV: Metamorfose (2007)

Board XV: Metamorfose (2007)


Voorzitter: Neeltje de Ruijter
Secretaris: Stefan Wierda
Penningmeester: Ferdinand Stam (later: Anoniem)
Commissaris Intern: (later: Eva van Viegen)
Commissaris Extern: Anoniem
Photo of Board XIV: Illusie (2006)

Board XIV: Illusie (2006)


Voorzitter: Henrieke Quarré
Secretaris: Roeland van Batenburg
Penningmeester: Martijn Hartman
Commissaris Intern: Cas van Noort
Commissaris Extern: Nick Degens
Photo of Board XIII (2006)

Board XIII (2006)


Voorzitter: Bastiaan Fens
Secretaris: Lise Pijl
Penningmeester: Cas van Noort
Photo of Board XII (2005)

Board XII (2005)


Voorzitter: Bastiaan Fens
Secretaris: Merel Oppelaar
Penningmeester: Ferdinand Stam
Commissaris Intern: Chris Janssen
Commissaris Extern: Rosemarijn Looije
Photo of Board XI (2004)

Board XI (2004)


Voorzitter: Stefan Renkema
Secretaris: Maaike Schweers
Penningmeester: Mart van de Sanden
Commissaris Intern: Heiko Harders
Commissaris Extern: Sander van Dijk
Photo of Board X (2003)

Board X (2003)


Voorzitter: Jacob van der Blij
Secretaris: Jan Bernard Marsman
Penningmeester: Sjoerd de Jong
Commissaris Intern: Jolie Lanser
Commissaris Extern: Herman Kloosterman
Photo of Board IX (2001/2002)

Board IX (2001/2002)


Voorzitter: Liesbeth
Secretaris: Berto Boojink
Penningmeester: Gerben Blom
Commissaris Intern: Daan Reid
Commissaris Extern: Douwe Terluin

Board VIII (2000/2001)


Voorzitter: Willem Hibbeln
Secretaris: (later: Marcia van Oploo)
Penningmeester: Jan Willem Marck
Commissaris intern: Liesbeth van der Feen
Commissaris extern: Sebastiaan Pais (later: Douwe Terluin)

2001: AI becomes a full-time degree programme with a full Bachelor (not just post-propedeutics). The programme attracts more students and Cover's member base grows steadily for a few years from this year onward.
Photo of Board VII (1999/2000)

Board VII (1999/2000)


Voorzitter: Peter Zwerver
Secretaris: Marleen Schippers
Penningmeester: Gerben Blom
Commissaris intern: Fiona Douma
Commissaris extern: Ernst-Jan Tissing

Board VI (1997/1998)

Cover's 6th board. Installed on 12 October 1998.


Voorzitter: Sjoerd Druiven
Secretaris: Gineke ten Holt
Penningmeester: Jan Misker
ActCie Commissaris: Arjan Stuiver
StudCie Commissaris: Albert ter Haar
Photo of Board V (1997/1998)

Board V (1997/1998)


Voorzitter: Wiebe Baron
Secretaris: Maartje van der Veen
Penningmeester: Aletta Eikelboom
StudActie: Jan Misker
Actie: Sjoerd Druiven

Board IV (1996/1997)

Cover's 4th board was installed on 12 September 1996.


Voorzitter: Gregor Tee (later: Diederik Roosch)
Secretaris: Diederik Roosch (later: Arthur Perton)
Penningmeester: Johan Kruiseman
StudActie: Arthur Perton
Actie: Wiebe Baron
Photo of Board III (1995/1996)

Board III (1995/1996)


Voorzitter: Martijn de Vries
Secretaris: Erik vd Neut
Penningmeester: Libbe Oosterman
Commissaris intern: Lennart Quispel
Commissaris extern: Desiree Houkema

Board II (1994/1995)


Voorzitter: Marc Oyserman
Secretaris: Jeroen Kruse
Penningmeester: Erik vd Neut
Commissaris Intern: Jaap Bos (later: Desiree Houkema)
Commissaris Extern: Karel de Vos

Board I (1993/1994)


Michiel Dulfer
Bruno Emans
Marco Oyserman
Commissaris Activiteiten: Paul Vogt

The appointment of functions in Cover's first board is unknown.