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Currently, you are on the website of Cover! We are the study association for Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. If you are interested in these topics and also want to have a genuinely good time, drop by the Cover room in the Bernoulliborg on Zernike campus (0041a), because that's where we live. We are open on weekdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

Cover can offer you three types of activities:
- First, the social aspect is an important part of us. We organise weekly borrels, monthly socials and tons of other activities.
- Second, we organise study support lectures about our degree programs. You can join workshops that either dig deeper into materials, or offer some fresh knowledge. You can also find help using our tutoring system!
- Third, we also offer career oriented events. Regularly, we have companies over to hold talks about certain career paths. You will find this interesting if you want to talk to students who finished their studies and now work at companies or if you are interested in what companies are up to in general.

For a more detailed overview of our upcoming events, have a look to your left!


July 13, 2019 16:31

Placed by: Board

After a long period of looking for candidates, we are proud to propose the candidate board for the next academic year! The proposed candidate board is comprised of:

Marieke Kopmels: Chairman & Secretary  
Janco van der Molen: Treasurer & Commissioner of Educational Affairs
Feline van Aagten: Commissioner of External & Internal Affairs

We wish them an insane amount of luck and fun; and we are looking forward to making things official as soon as possible!

All the best,  
Board - Ad Hominem

    July 5, 2019 14:45

    Placed by: YearbookCee

    Last Wednesday, we released the yearbook 'This was a bad idea' of 2018 - 2019. It features loads of editorials, such as a prize-puzzle, a quiz, and the year review. As always, there are also pieces by our (previous) boards and committees, and our fellow brother and sister associations.

    Pick up your yearbook and reminisce about the past year, find out which burger place is a good idea, get to know some bad films, and seize the opportunity to learn from this neat collection of bad ideas!

      May 2, 2019 14:04

      Placed by: ComExA

      Ever thought about what you may be doing after your studies? Do you want to know what it is like to apply knowledge in practice? On the 8th of May, Cover will be having the second edition of its Career Day in Het Kasteel. On this day, six of our sponsors will be treating us with lectures, workshops and cases! And on top of that, we will enjoy free coffee and tea, lunch and dinner with them.

      The day will start at 9:30 with the attendees signing in and picking up their nametags. At 10:00, we open with a keynote from our main sponsor, Belsimpel. After this, we will have a lecture by Nedap, followed by lunch. After lunch, we have a round of cases/workshops, then a round of soft-skill workshops while dinner is set up. After enjoying that, the bar will open and we will have drinks and networking together with all our sponsors.

        May 1, 2019 11:46

        Placed by: Board

        While our friends are away on the ExCee trip, we can still get together and have a lovely time playing board games. Are you again bored of not playing enough board games? Abort your plans on this Thursday evening. All aboard the Board board game night. We might have gone a bit overboard with this message, again, but bored Board does board board board.

        If you are up for a calm but fun evening, this is the right event for you. We will be in Het Heerenhuis again! Don’t shy away from bringing your own games too.

        Before the Board Game Night, we will be offering pizzas to eat during the TAD so you don't need to rush home for dinner. If you want to have a pizza during the TAD please feel out the form below (cost starting at €5). Signups for pizza will be open until 16:00 on Thursday.

          April 23, 2019 21:42

          Placed by: Board

          The application deadline has been extended!

          Dear members,

          A board year at Cover can be an amazing and eventful year that will offer the possibility for an insane learning experience, new connections, events and parties with people you would've never met otherwise and your chance to make your voice heard!

          If you want to know more about what the application procedure, what the board is and what each position does please check out our handy guide for how to apply.

          The application deadline has been extended to 30th April at 23:59. To apply you must send your motivational letter and CV to

          If you have any questions regarding anything surrounding the board or the applications, please let us know! You can always come to us in person or reach us at

          From Groningen with love,

          Board XXVII

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