Members Wanted for SNiC 2025 Committee

Last updated on April 19

What is SNiC?
SNiC is an acronym for Stichting Nationaal informatica Congres (Foundation National Computer Science Conference). This organisation was established in 2004 with the purpose of stimulating the interest in IT knowledge, IT applications and the business side of IT. Every year, a conference with an IT related subject is organised.

Each year, a conference is organised by a new group of student volunteers. Every year from a different city. These study associations seat on the board and take turns organizing the conference: Cover (Groningen), A-Eskwadraat (Utrecht), ASCI (Groningen), CognAC (Nijmegen), De Leidsche Flesch (Leiden), GEWIS (Eindhoven), Inter-Actief (Enschede), Sticky (Utrecht), Thalia (Nijmegen) and via (Amsterdam).

Visitors are enthusiastic Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor and master students from all over the country. Over the past years the conference has grown considerably. Where in 2017 the conference was visited by 450 students, andreached  800 visitors in 2022. Various talks will be held at the conference by speakers from both the business world and the academic world. The students are challenged to dive into a specific topic from different perspectives. We want to inspire them and invite them to think further than their current views.

SNiC 2025
Cover wishes to make a bid at the SNiC Central Meeting for organsing the conference in November 2025. We plan on organising this edition with ASCI (study association for Information Science in Groningen). They recently joined the SNiC and, according to the rules of the foundation, they need to organise a conference in 5 years within joining.

For this, we need to gather more enthusiastic committee members. Are you interested in organising a conference for 800+ participants? Send us a message indicating so at This is also the perfect email to send all your questions to, we are more than happy to answer them all!

No requirements are needed. Having attended a SNiC is nice, but not necessary. A new- installed committee will get to attend the next conference for free to see how it goes and how it is organised.

The bid is usually made at a Central Meeting between March and April. If our bid is approved, the committee will start working immediately towards making the conference happen.

The Committtee
- Keep an overview of the committee's progress.
- Schedule meetings with the committee.
- Delegate tasks among the committee members and keep track of them.

- Make the budget for the event.
- Keep track of the finances of the event (incoming money or outgoing expenses).

Speakers (1/2 people)
- Contacts potential speakers for the conference, following the chosen theme.
- Keep contact with the speakers for logistical matters and the contents of the talks.

- Arrange the venue for the congress.
- Arrange transportation to the venue for visitors.
- Lead the volunteers for the event.
- Arrange the catering for the day of the event.
- Is in charge of the goodies and stationery (name badges, goodie bags etc.)

External Relations (1/2 people)
- Look for sponsors for the conference.
- Keep contact with the partners.
- Arrange the business market.

Public Relations (optional)
- Deal with the promotion of the conference.
- Is in charge of the social media of the event.
- Arrange promotional materials, such as posters, flyers etc.

The Process
The congress always takes place in November. Before making a bid in March, the committee should distribute the functions amongst themselves and decide on an appropriate theme for the edition. Until the end of 2024, the new committee will develop general ideas for the conference and watch the current committee on how they organize the 2024 edition. The proper work starts at the end of the year, when the committee should start approaching speakers, and partners and finding a location. Close to the conference, some administrative tasks also arise, such as managing the ticket sale and others. The committee should also attend the central meetings once every two months in Utrecht. (The transport is covered by the foundation.)

Are you interested in organizing a conference for 800+ participants? Send us an email saying so at This is also the perfect email to send all your questions to, we are more than happy to answer them all!