March 10

AI Art Competition Deadline

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AI Art Competition Deadline
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Sun, Mar 10
till Mon, Mar 11





Even if you're creatively inept, you can generate some nice art nowadays with AI. As a follow-up to our earlier AI Art CoverTalk, we are now hosting an AI art competition, with the theme "red irony". A few rules:
- The submission must be generated by a publically available AI generator. (duh)
- The generator must be free to use. Free trials are allowed.
- You may not submit an image to the generator as a prompt.

We are collaborating with IK again on this, which means that they will choose the winner from Cover, and we will choose the winner from IK. The winner will be chosen based on the following criteria:
- Adherence to the theme
- Creativity of the prompt
- Closeness of the image to the prompt (e.g. don't just type in "red irony" and hope something cool comes out)
- Aesthetic appeal (This includes not having hands with six fingers and such)

Submit your creations for the AI Art competition here!

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