March 14

Lustrum Dinner

Event information

Lustrum Dinner

Date Time

Thu, Mar 14


Magoya, Stoeldraaierstraat 56, 9712 BX Groningen



As you know back in September turned 30! This means that before the lovely yearly Gala (that SPOILER ALERT has the theme Masquarade) we will be having a Lustrum Dinner!!

We will be having dinner at Magoya where you can get a meal of your choices as well as a soda. You can find the menu here:

For €28, you can have a very nice meal and an alcoholic package at the Gala, while for €21 you can have a non-alcoholic package at the gala as well as dinner!

You can sign-up on:

Note: You cannot buy a Dinner ticket without a Gala ticket.