February 28

Pre-Half year GA Food Gathering

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Pre-Half year GA Food Gathering
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Wed, Feb 28


Cover Room (0041a)



To have dinner together before the General Assembly, we will be having a food gathering in the Cover Room. We will be offering pizza and poke bowls!

The full prices of the pizzas are €10,00 (Margaritha) and €10,50 (Funghi) for a medium-sized, an Italian-sized pizza is €1,50 extra, and €13 for a Very Veggie poke bowl and €2.5 extra for a larger size - you can check out the menu of Poke Spot for any other options. Because it is a Pre-GA event, you will get a 75% discount if you attend the GA until the end afterwards.

The prices might change depending on how many signups there are (and what discount options there are)!

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