December 15

SV Cover Futsal Tournament

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SV Cover Futsal Tournament
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Fri, Dec 15


Struikhal, ACLO Sportscentre



Hello everyone, the impossible is about to happen, we are going to announce a SporTee event🥳!!
It is time for a little competition, battles from friends to friends, mentor to mentee. Invite all of your friends for a tournament of a short, quick version of the most popular sport in the world.
It is time for a futsal tournament⚽⚽!!!

As said before, futsal is a spinoff of football, where the games are shorter, and played on a smaller indoor field. The teams are smaller as well, this combination of changes makes for fun, fast-paced games.

It is important to note that clean sports shoes (and clothes) are required.

You can sign up with a team of your choice, and remember, no matter your skill level, you can always have fun.

Note: We will play in a 6v6 configuration and your team can have a maximum of 7 (one substitute) members.

To sign up, you fill in the individual signup form. Once you have a team, let the captain sign the team up through the second sign-up!
(It is also fine to sign up with fewer members as teams will be merged in that case)

Sign up quickly as the number of players is limited, don't forget to sign up individually!!!

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