April 18

CoverTalk: Brain-inspired AI - Neuromorphic computing and beyond | Steve Abreu

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CoverTalk: Brain-inspired AI - Neuromorphic computing and beyond | Steve Abreu
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Tue, Apr 18, 2023


LB 5173.0055



This talk will explore two questions in artificial intelligence. First, what might we gain from taking more inspiration from how the brain implements its intelligence? I will demonstrate the advantages of spiking neural networks and event-based cameras, inspired by the human visual system. Second, what role does physics and hardware play in AI? I will show how current AI “overfits” to GPUs, and how novel computers based on different physics may enable new AI breakthroughs. I will present a tour d’horizon of different hardware systems, such as: photonic circuits that compute at the speed of light, hybrid biological-electrical systems, or nanomaterials with brain-like properties right here at the RUG’s CogniGron center.

About the speaker:
Steve is a third-year PhD student in the MINDS research group supervised by Herbert Jaeger, affiliated with CogniGron. For his PhD, he works with different neuromorphic computing systems to develop programming and learning methods for such devices.

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