April 17

[Sustainability Week] - Photo Hunt! (extended deadline)

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[Sustainability Week] - Photo Hunt! (extended deadline)

Date Time

Mon, Apr 17, 2023
till Sat, Apr 22, 2023



Snap to win! 📷 Take part in our fun and creative Photo Hunt challenge and show off your sustainable lifestyle and get a chance to win a dinner for two!

We've got a list of sustainable actions, places and themes for you to photograph throughout the week to showcase your commitment to a greener world! 🌍🌿


CHECK OUT THE GREEN MAPS here (RUG Green Office) and here (Groener Groningen)!

Share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #CoverSustainabilityWeek and mentioning @svcover, or you can simply dm us or mail us at sustainabilitee@svcover.nl!

The person with the best and most pictures will win a free dinner for two at a sustainable restaurant of their choice!

You have the whole week to snap away! The winners will be announced on Sunday! Let's make sustainability a snap! ♻️🌍🌿

* You will receive a Pixel only if you send at least three pictures!

- Capture a photo of yourself wearing a unique outfit you found at a thrift store (you don’t have to buy it)

- Take a picture of the thrift item in your possession that you are the proudest of

- Head to a local park, explore the natural beauty, and capture a group photo with your friends (if you have no friends, go on a solo date!)

- Support a sustainable business in your area; take a photo of their eco-friendly practices! (Tip: check out the Green Map for more inspiration)

- Embark on a DIY project, such as making your own cleaning products or upcycling an old piece of clothing, and share a photo of your creation.

- Go on a bike ride or walk in your neighbourhood, and capture a photo of any sustainable initiatives you come across, such as green roofs and community gardens.

- Take a photo of your grocery haul and highlight the sustainable choices you made, such as buying organic or local produce, bringing your own shopping bag, or choosing products with eco-friendly packaging.

- Give mother nature some love by hugging a plant

- Find a bee hotel in the wild (not in a shop)! 

- Take a picture of something creatively sustainable