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Almost there

Being a board member feels kind of like assembling a set of chairs from a certain Swedish store. Assembling the first chair is kind of difficult, you will need to read the manual very carefully and be aware not to make any mistakes. With every next chair, the process of assembling chairs becomes easier. Eventually, it becomes an easy task and you can assemble the chairs without looking at the manual. Unfortunately, this was the last chair. There are no more chairs to assemble, but you feel kind of sad about it.

Adjusting to your tasks as a board member is quite similar. At first, you will need the knowledge of your old and wise predecessors. After a while, it becomes easier and in the end, you can do everything yourself. This is the point where you want to continue but you need to hand your tasks over to your successor. The feeling of being done with your tasks, is great, but sad as well.

That is where I am right now. I am sitting in front of the General Assembly. Behind me, the second group of people who want to be the next board is explaining their policy plan. We, board XXII, have had an amazing year, but it is time to leave our "throne" for a new generation.

I would like to wish our successors a great time and provide them with some advise: whatever happens, if the manual is unable to help you out, you can always phone the (Swedish) store.

(Almost) time for a holiday!

You know it is time for a holiday when instead of being productive, you find yourself…

…reading the Wikipedia page about the coconut, about Opomyzidae* or about custard.
…stalking your favourite internet celebrities on every possible social network.
…visiting the same website every 10 minutes, knowing it won't be displaying any updates.
…reading a 130 page analysis of a 4 minute video.
…spending hours watching YouTube videos.
…waiting for changes in your Facebook feed.
…searching for airports on Google maps.
…writing a blog post.

Believe it or not, I have done every single one of those things over the past few days. I'm not strange to getting lost on the internet, procrastinating everything I should do. However, the past week has brought my procrastination skills to an extreme level.

"Martijn, get a life! You are complaining that you are so busy all the time, but in reality you are stalking celebrities, viewing pictures of amazing art installations and watching creative animations. Get off the internet! You've got work to do. You cannot go on a holiday before you have finished the year account and that won't be possible if you keep procrastinating. So close your browser, stop even writing this blog post and go back to work!"

Have a nice holiday!
- Bye!

* I dare you not to look this up!

Board XXII of LEGO



It is 4.30 AM and I am writing a blog post. Why am I still awake? Because I am travelling to Eindhoven to catch a plane to Budapest. Why am I writing a blogpost? Because I don't know something better to do.

Leaving home for Budapest feels somewhat odd. I am giving up all the work I would normally do for a ten-day holiday. During the days prior to this moment, I did a lot of work to be able to leave Cover alone for ten days. I sent many emails, mailed some invoices, turned 21 and learned Jelmer how to process a debit batch, so he will be able to collect our monthly income from Foetsie-credits and our activities.

Cars are passing by, the moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds and we have just reached Meppel. This week, I will be on vacation. I won't have any obligations and I have no board meeting planned for this week. My room mate even forbid me to do any board-related tasks or any work in general. Jelmer and Davey are on a tight schedule this week to compensate for the absence of Harmke, Sybren and me, so we won't have to do any tasks in Budapest. It is time to relax, time to get rid of all responsibilities for a week and that feels weird.

The clock strikes five, I am tired. There is no need to stay awake, so I close my eyes and fall asleepppppppppppp

New Year's resolutions

The thing I hate most about the New Year are New Year's resolutions. Most of them are a big failure anyway and we might as well start to change ourselves at any random moment. Though, I want myself to remember one thing during 2014, a thing that I will explain by telling an anecdote about myself biking towards my home at 12pm, a few weeks ago.

Everywhere around me I saw silhouettes of farms and trees. A light flashed at the horizon, again and again. Most people don't notice it, so almost nobody knows what it is.

This would be the right moment to make up a story. It's an alien fortress, floating in the skies above Groningen. Its inhabitants are trying to take over planet earth. No. It's not. There's no mysterious spaceship or magic happening. It is just the lighthouse of Schiermonnikoog, a beacon to guide ships away from the dangerous areas of the Wadden Sea.

Since I became a member of the Coverboard, I have been extremely obsessed with lighthouses. Therefore, that vague, flashing light at the horizon made me think about the first months of the reign of the 22nd Coverboard. After a few intensive weeks of starting up, we were getting used to everything. The first things we wanted to change had become visible and we had even held our first General Assembly. Then it was time to move forward, to make our plans become reality.

Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the dark night. A car was coming towards me. It's bright headlights were blinding me. I couldn't see anything and it took me a while to restore and go on. Light is amazing. It can be used to send messages and to guide others, but it can also be misused to distract people and blind them.

I don't have any New Years resolutions, but I just want you and myself to remember: try to reach your goals and don't get blinded by anything that hits you in the face.

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