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Documents & Templates

All of the public resources of Cover, such as stationery, logo's, templates, manuals and archives can be found on the SD. Below you can find a selection of important documents of Cover such as the regulations and General Assembly documents.


1. Articles of Association (in Dutch) (pdf)
2. Rules and regulations (in Dutch) (pdf)
3. Committee guidelines (in Dutch) (pdf)


A history of the newsletters can be found on the SD.

Year schedule

The year schedule of this year can be found here.
A history of the year schedules of past years can be found here.


You can find the current budget of Cover here.


The financial account of 2013-2014 can be found here.

General Assemblies

The documents of the past General Assemblies can be found on the SD. To access these you need to log in. If you wish to access them without loggin in, please email the board at

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