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Membership and becoming a contributor

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Become a member:

The membership fee is €10,- annually. If you apply for membership after the first of February, you only have to pay for the second half of the academic year, just €5,00.

Stop my membership:

  • When you graduate from your Artificial Intelligence or Computing Science bachelor or master studies, your membership will automatically end.
  • In all other cases you should send a letter or an email to at least one month before the end of the academic year. You can send the letter to:

    study association Cover
    Postbus 407
    9700 AK Groningen

    The academic year ends on the first of September.

Please note that our membership administration is completely separate from that of the university.

Become a contributor:

As a contributor you support Cover through an annual financial gift of at least €10,- per donation. In return you will receive our association's magazine, the Brainstorm. If you donate at least €50,- you will also receive our yearbook.

Do you want to become a contributor? Download the contributor form, fill it in and send it to study association Cover, Postbus 407, 9700 AK Groningen. Or you could drop it in our postbox on the third floor of the Bernoulliborg.