Who we are

Since its foundation in Groningen in 2008, Belsimpel has become a big part of the telecom market as a tech company. With a close-knit team of over 500 motivated, enthusiastic and honest students and professionals, including over 60 development colleagues, we go above and beyond every day to change the Mobile World. We’re not a provider, nor a store or search engine. We’re a way of life, a Method™ to help customers find their perfect mobile telecom match.

What we do

As Belsimpel keeps growing (turnover of 360 million in 2019), we’ve got many different development projects ready for take-off. No day is the same! With over 17 million price options, many customers struggle to find their way in the jungle that has become the telecom market. Guiding these customers would simply be impossible with Magento implementations or standard Microsoft solutions. Never mind trying to perform price calculations in real-time! That’s why we’ve built our own system at Belsimpel. The website, with over a million visitors each month, is actually only the tip of the iceberg. Behind the scenes, you’ll find that all of our systems are developed in-house.

What we can offer

We offer exciting technical challenges. This includes projects like improving our own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, which is used by over a 130 colleagues, or increasing the efficiency of our WMS (Warehouse Management System), which is used to process hundreds of thousands of orders. Other projects include optimising the specimen identity document training process. Every day, we add to this list of challenges!

Love solving complex puzzles and want to put your smarts and critical eye to use at Belsimpel? If so, join us as full-time Developer, write your final project at Belsimpel or join us as a part-time colleague during the final phase of your degree to work on smaller projects that bring the future a step closer. For more information, please visit

Member of Cover at Belsimpel

I’ve been working as a part-time colleague for Belsimpel for the last year and a half while completing my bachelor’s degree in Computing Science. Over this period, I’ve learned a lot. During my studies, I became interested in software engineering. Working as a developer contributed greatly to my understanding of this field. I love working at Belsimpel, as I get to work on interesting projects with great prospects on the horizon as I grow over time. (Pieter Dekker, Back-end Developer at Belsimpel)