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If the faculty had more money, what would you spend it on?

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08-10-2018 09:08
If the faculty had more money, what would you spend it on?
More professors to teach us a wider range of courses
More space so students can study
More practical rooms so we can have more applied courses
More support for ensuring students pass courses (writing workshops, advisers, psychologists etc.)
Number of votes: 49
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Posts: 250
08-10-2018 14:03
Voted "More space so students can study", because currently the building is almost full at 10 and the spaces that are their are not really laptop friendly. Would have voted for more professors, not to teach a wider range of courses (bachelor CS is wide enough imo) but to decrease the amount of students per courses, to allow more flexibility (ie by giving the same course twice or something) and maybe to actually attract proper teachers rather then researchers.

Posts: 20
09-10-2018 10:48
I agree with Guus, the difference in the student/professor has become greater and greater over the years. Of course a wider course selection would also (slightly) lower the load on other courses, but that won't help the pressure on mandatory courses.

There should be no reason to have signals and systems in C, or have a digital exam for Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence (a C.S. master course where we had to basically write essay type answers on the PC, including LaTeX formulas - it literally took me just over an hour to write the exam on paper, after which it took another 1,5 hours to reformat everything on the PC). TAs can only do so much during courses, so having more professors (or at least lecturers) for each course seems like a nice solution.
Posts: 80
12-10-2018 18:41
I agree with Guus and Steven. A wider range of courses would be lovely, but I think we should invest in the quality of our courses firs. Many courses are understaffed right now (not necessarily in terms of TA's, but there are things TA's just can't do).

More study spaces would be a nice option after this is fixed and is definitely more important than the range of courses to me.

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