From a soon to be former board member

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Guus 09-09-2015 23:23
With only a few minutes to go until we're hopefully discharged, I'm looking back at a wonderful year. A year in which we accomplished a lot of things (for a more complete report, go here) while also having a lot of fun and having a lot of new experiences. And while it is hard to describe those experiences, I would like to try.

Meeting other people from all over the country just because they represent students from the same studies. Sounds plain enough, until you go have a drink with them. It won't take long before you know them and bond with them and after the second meet you're already looking forward to the next. For us, this also escalated to visiting the Efteling, a theme park all about fairy tales and folk lore, with the board of GEWIS and our predecessors.

This year also made me appreciate the social times more. Where as a first and second year student I thought constitutional drinks were strange and very much the most student-like activity which I only hoped to see from a distance. In the last year I've come to enjoy it and although I've not been to the most constitutional drinks (that honor goes to Tim), I have to admit that I will miss it - especially the ones that have escalated and were themed with, for example, Christmas.

Working with 4 other people as part of the board also makes you come together in ways you don't expect. You get to work, chill and relax with them almost every day, every week for a year. I was lucky enough to complete this year with my awesome board members, mates and friends. For this I'm very grateful, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way and I know I'm going to miss it very, very much.