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Annet 06-08-2015 10:41
So I have been a candidate board member for a while now and I know of the existence of the board blog thing, of which others migth never have heard. So guess what, I decided to write a blog post! Nobody told me to write a blog, but neither did anybody tell me to not write one. This is it, my (first) blog!

My decision to apply for the board was made quite some time ago and I have been excited as well as nervous to sent in my application. I am the candidate secretary of this association now and have been for a few months. Being the candidate board is pretty exciting. In this blog I will tell you about my time as a candidate board member.

Starting out my candidate period with 3 weeks of New Zealand I did not notice a big difference, except for the lack of nerves about my motivation letter, interviews and calls from the SoCo. We had left the kind of stressful period of application behind us. When I returned from New Zealand I started out with some fun things, visits to consti's for example, but soon we started with the more serious part. The current board explained all kinds of stuff, from external committees to how the agenda of board meetings is used.

It became more and more real, especially when we got together discussing our policy plans. All the things we want to do next year, our board year... As a group we are finding a form, getting to know each other and figuring out the best ways that we can deliver the best work. Of course, we are also having a lot of fun!

We were approved by the GA, apparently our policy points are good enough. This means there is no longer the need to add "maybe potentially possibly etc" when we are saying we are going be the next board of Cover. From that moment on we knew for sure that it was really going to happen.

Now we are doing stuff like visiting national meetings and I got to sent out our pre-announcement for our constitutional drinks.

At the beginning of July we went to a fancy store and picked our board suits. Today I went back for a fitting. Since we have being visiting constitutional drinks, it wasn't the first time I put on a suit. However, this was my suit, my well fitting board suit.

Damn, it's really happening.