UNOX idea

Board 22-11-2014 22:48
A few weeks ago, the idea to make a deal with UNOX for proper 'rookworsten' (the sausage in the Coverroom) was sent to I thought, why not give it a try. So, I first needed to find out how many rookworsten we eat all together. This happened to be around 75 each month! Then I needed an address, so I went to the site and filled in some contact form on Sunday.

On Monday, I unsuspectingly cycled to the Bernoulliborg. Guess what I saw over there…? UNOX placed a stand in front of our big blue building! Very smart, very fast, UNOX…

Wednesday I got an answer to our idea from Unilever. They sadly didn’t want to cooperate…

Ah well, without trying I couldn’t have told you this funny story. Keep sending your wonderful ideas to us, we will at least try to make the good ones happen. If you think you will succeed making these (or other) kind of deals, apply for the PRcee by sending me an email ( before the 26th of November.


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