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Free stuff for students

Posts: 253
07-10-2014 23:21
Since it appearently is working for companies to give away free stuff to students (yey) here is a short overview of sites/giveaways that I know of.

includes 5 private repos on github, $100 worth of servers from DigitalOcean, access to unreal engine 4 and much more

All products from jetbrains for free! Includes IntelliJ, an incredible editor for Java, and Resharper a defacto tool for .NET


All microsoft products (except for Office, but you don't need that, we have LaTeX!) for free smile.gif. Log in with your university credentials. Should work

If anyone come across an other one, please mention it here smile.gif
Marijn Pool

Posts: 73
07-10-2014 23:46
Bawz laugh.gif