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Programming Contest?
Michael LeKander

Posts: 1
30-09-2014 22:11
I stumbled across this event the other day:

Is any similar event going to be held this year?

On a related note, are there any plans to send a team to the Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest this year? I'd love to be a part of that, if possible.

Sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to put this. smile.gif
Died Piraat

Posts: 274
01-10-2014 04:00
Well apparently this year the board decided to not bother, and just let the FMF send one team to the nationals instead of informing people, having a preliminary and letting several FMF and Cover teams that would want to participate compete against eachother so we could send the best Groninger team.

As to why they did that, no clue, you will have to ask them (the previous board probably, not the current one).
Marijn Pool

Posts: 73
01-10-2014 08:47
The LanCie is working on organizing a Crash and Compile this year. Not the same, I get that but still a competition to show of your coding skills while enjoying the sweet alcoholic benefits of being a student

Posts: 186
01-10-2014 10:46
The BAPC committee is still willing to let a Cover team in and the board is talking about that this week as far as I know. So not all is lost yet Didi wink.gif Just send them an email telling them you're interested in joining.
Banana Me

Posts: 440
01-10-2014 13:03
Died Piraat: As to why they did that, no clue, you will have to ask them (the previous board probably, not the current one).

My guess would be that they didn't bother because in previous years hardly anyone participated. Since it is quite some work setting up the necessary equipment, I can imagine they did not wanted to organize it.

Posts: 185
01-10-2014 17:07
Hey guys,

I see there happens to be a lot of speculations about the BAPC. We would like to tell you what's true and what isn't. Yesterday we contacted one of the head organisers of the BAPC. He told us they didn't hear anything from the RUG yet, which means FMF hasn't sent a team (yet). Every university can paricipate with two teams. This means we can still participate with at least one team, maybe even with two teams! A team consists of three people. So, if you want to be in a team or still have any questions, please send an email to Spread the good news laugh.gif