Almost there

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Marty 25-09-2014 23:11
Being a board member feels kind of like assembling a set of chairs from a certain Swedish store. Assembling the first chair is kind of difficult, you will need to read the manual very carefully and be aware not to make any mistakes. With every next chair, the process of assembling chairs becomes easier. Eventually, it becomes an easy task and you can assemble the chairs without looking at the manual. Unfortunately, this was the last chair. There are no more chairs to assemble, but you feel kind of sad about it.

Adjusting to your tasks as a board member is quite similar. At first, you will need the knowledge of your old and wise predecessors. After a while, it becomes easier and in the end, you can do everything yourself. This is the point where you want to continue but you need to hand your tasks over to your successor. The feeling of being done with your tasks, is great, but sad as well.

That is where I am right now. I am sitting in front of the General Assembly. Behind me, the second group of people who want to be the next board is explaining their policy plan. We, board XXII, have had an amazing year, but it is time to leave our "throne" for a new generation.

I would like to wish our successors a great time and provide them with some advise: whatever happens, if the manual is unable to help you out, you can always phone the (Swedish) store.