(Almost) time for a holiday!

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Marty 14-07-2014 12:20
You know it is time for a holiday when instead of being productive, you find yourself…

…reading the Wikipedia page about the coconut, about Opomyzidae* or about custard.
…stalking your favourite internet celebrities on every possible social network.
…visiting the same website every 10 minutes, knowing it won't be displaying any updates.
…reading a 130 page analysis of a 4 minute video.
…spending hours watching YouTube videos.
…waiting for changes in your Facebook feed.
…searching for airports on Google maps.
…writing a blog post.

Believe it or not, I have done every single one of those things over the past few days. I'm not strange to getting lost on the internet, procrastinating everything I should do. However, the past week has brought my procrastination skills to an extreme level.

"Martijn, get a life! You are complaining that you are so busy all the time, but in reality you are stalking celebrities, viewing pictures of amazing art installations and watching creative animations. Get off the internet! You've got work to do. You cannot go on a holiday before you have finished the year account and that won't be possible if you keep procrastinating. So close your browser, stop even writing this blog post and go back to work!"

Have a nice holiday!
- Bye!

* I dare you not to look this up!