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No member weekend

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08-05-2014 23:42
Unfortunately, the board has to announce that this year there won't be a member weekend.

We tried to book the same location as last year but due to a communication error this failed. We were also exploring options of having a member weekend on Ameland or Schiermonnikoog but none offered a place that met our requirements on availability, space and price. Eventually we tried every location we could find in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe but all of them are already fully booked, too expensive or too small.

As a last resort we have looked at locations just across the German border. Eventually, we found a place, but the location was so unfortunate traveling from and to it would be prohibitively expensive and time consuming. In that weekend the PiraCie sailing weekend would also take place and we chose to not let a weak version of member weekend overlap with their activity.

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15-05-2014 14:19
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15-05-2014 15:02
Died Piraat

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15-05-2014 15:10
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16-05-2014 01:39
And what about Overijssel?
Rolf Daling

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16-05-2014 21:27
Marijn Pool

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17-05-2014 10:19

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17-05-2014 12:54
You may have considered this already, but in case you haven't:

Since around this time of the year lots of locations are already fully booked, you could try booking one for next year already. It is very little effort and will guarantee a location for next year.

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17-05-2014 20:06
Booking in December / January is early enough for the period we used to have the member weekend in. I think the board mostly got struck by a stroke of bad luck. The exams and holidays in April, May and June are really bad for a member weekend in that period, the only 'free' weekends where last en next weekend. When those weekends are magically already booked everywhere you're pretty much screwed. Only this you can blame the board for is announcing it this late and keeping the hope up.

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17-05-2014 20:12
Btw, what is 'too expensive' according to the board? We used to pay ¤27.50 per member / weekend. Last years price was ¤46,45 so that means an additional ¤20 for food and drinks (even deep fried snacks). I wouldn't have had any problems with paying up to ¤60 for a nice weekend.
Dirk Zittersteyn

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21-05-2014 13:10

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