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Marty 19-04-2014 23:56
It is 4.30 AM and I am writing a blog post. Why am I still awake? Because I am travelling to Eindhoven to catch a plane to Budapest. Why am I writing a blogpost? Because I don't know something better to do.

Leaving home for Budapest feels somewhat odd. I am giving up all the work I would normally do for a ten-day holiday. During the days prior to this moment, I did a lot of work to be able to leave Cover alone for ten days. I sent many emails, mailed some invoices, turned 21 and learned Jelmer how to process a debit batch, so he will be able to collect our monthly income from Foetsie-credits and our activities.

Cars are passing by, the moon is playing hide and seek with the clouds and we have just reached Meppel. This week, I will be on vacation. I won't have any obligations and I have no board meeting planned for this week. My room mate even forbid me to do any board-related tasks or any work in general. Jelmer and Davey are on a tight schedule this week to compensate for the absence of Harmke, Sybren and me, so we won't have to do any tasks in Budapest. It is time to relax, time to get rid of all responsibilities for a week and that feels weird.

The clock strikes five, I am tired. There is no need to stay awake, so I close my eyes and fall asleepppppppppppp