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Yet another great Humble Indie Bundle
Henk Hamtermiet
Posts: 493
25-02-2014 09:50

This one is pretty good too!

Pay what you want for:
    Guacamelee! Gold Edition
    Dust: An Elysian Tail
    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams*
    The Swapper

Beat the average of $4.58 to unlock:
    Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Totally worth it. Also an awesome way to donate to the EFF and get games wink.gif
Dirk Zittersteyn

Posts: 466
25-02-2014 16:12
Guac is an awesome metroidvania game, where instead of finding weapons, you learn new wrestling moves from a goat.

Dust is pretty sweet, nice beat'em'up, good story, some anthropomorphic animals, but once you get past that..

Antichamber is like a Pan-galactic Gargle Blaster: like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick. And amazing.

Monaco disappointed me a bit, but apparently the co-op is cool

Haven't played Giana Sisters and The Swapper yet, but I've heard good things.

Buy the thing.
Posts: 163
25-02-2014 17:57
I can confirm that both The Swapper and Giana Sisters are pretty awesome!
Banana Me

Posts: 440
25-02-2014 18:17
I've played Dust and Giana, and they are both awesome.
Dirk Zittersteyn

Posts: 466
25-02-2014 22:11
They just added Fez, Starseed Pilgrim and Beat Buddy.

Don't know the rest
Banana Me

Posts: 440
26-02-2014 16:24
I've an extra copy of Dust, Giana, and Fez, send me a message if you want one of them.
Posts: 68
26-02-2014 19:03
The comments in this tread convinced me to buy the thing. The soundtracks you get with it are already worth the money on their own.
Posts: 701
27-02-2014 13:43
mmm.. I already got all the cool games in this bundle it seems tongue.gif
Dirk Zittersteyn

Posts: 466
28-02-2014 09:32
the soundtracks are absolutely amazing.
Monaco reminds me of the movie "Catch me if you can", which is a good thing smile.gif

The Swapper, Dust, and Antichamber have some great orchestral music, with lots of it mostly ambient (dust being a bit more energetic than the other two, which makes sense (dust is a brawler, AC and TS are puzzle games)).

Guacamelee and Giana Sisters has some great variations on one theme, with the dark/light worlds.



*turns on repeat*

Posts: 47
04-03-2014 18:50
Wait, what game uses machinae supremacy soundtracks? Got a link?
Dirk Zittersteyn

Posts: 466
06-03-2014 00:21
Giana Sisters heeft voor een deel een ST van Machinae Supremacy

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