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Humble bundles

Posts: 253
15-10-2013 20:51
Most of us are already familiar with Humble Bundles (, but for those who aren't:

They have a weekly sale with some good indie games for which you have to pay a minimum amount to receive all the games, otherwise 2 or more games are left out. The same applies with the Humble bundles themselves, except the minimum amount is replaced by the average amount of what other people pay.

Today they launched a new bundle with Worms Revolutions, Ticket to Ride and Greed Corp. All great games and some of these games may also be played on the LAN ( *yes, this is some sneaky promo*

Grab it while you can, I would say
Henk Hamtermiet
Posts: 493
18-10-2013 09:31
Also, those games are a great reward for your donation to the EFF (which is where I send my money tongue.gif )
Henk Hamtermiet
Posts: 493
05-11-2013 20:14
There's a new one! smile.gif
Posts: 701
05-11-2013 21:44
I wanted to post that just now! It is awesome, again laugh.gif