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Forum / Cover polls

Subject Author Comments Last
[Poll] Are you excited for the Signals and Systems resit? StudCee 2 23-01-2020 20:42
Janco van der Molen
[Poll] Are you excited for the Signals and Systems exam? Roman Bell 2 22-01-2020 13:24
[Poll] What are you most hyped about this Christmas? Board 1 16-12-2019 16:22
[Poll] Would you like KAST to sell fruit? RoomCee 1 28-11-2019 17:52
[Poll] Would you go on a Cover ski trip for €450? Marieke Kopmels 6 20-11-2019 14:15
Roman Bell
[Poll] Are you looking forward to the LAN Rico Huttema 3 08-11-2019 19:21
[Poll] It's a race! Who would win? AnArchY 1 19-10-2019 22:25
[Poll] Would you like to do D&D with Cover? LCDee 1 09-10-2019 16:30
[Poll] Do you want FIFA 20 in the Cover room? Board 4 04-10-2019 14:44
Rico Huttema
[Poll] Are you looking forward to the new board? Candidate Board 1 09-09-2019 12:21
Candidate Board
[Poll] Are you looking forward to the Introductory Camp? IntroCee 3 31-07-2019 15:51
[Poll] What beer should we order for the Cover room? (Comment if you're missing one) Rico Huttema 6 21-06-2019 11:13
Floris Uithof
[Poll] in the worst case scenario, what kind of temporary board do you want to see? mr. awesoma 2 13-06-2019 16:04
[Poll] How do you prepare for a General Assembly? Board 1 05-06-2019 14:11
[Poll] What is your favorite craft beer? (Add in comments if your choice is not there) RoomCee 11 20-05-2019 16:17
Darren Rawlings