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Tips for the association? Activity was awesome? Share your thoughts here.
45 750 28-05-2014 15:08
Discuss all trips, borrels and other activities of Cover.
72 949 18-12-2014 12:51
Object to decorate walls new borrel location Tapperij
Complaints, questions and general remarks about AI or CS at the RUG.
18 238 02-10-2011 16:17
Cijfers ORKI
Artificial Intelligence
All the news, research and ethical issues related to Artificial Intelligence.
15 119 11-06-2006 20:19
AI online
Computing Science
All the latest info and research of Computing Science.
6 35 03-07-2013 17:30
Nieuwe Informatica-alumnivereniging zoekt naam
The place to be to say everything about nothing.
129 1781 14-12-2016 19:32
External Activities
Is there something fun to do outside of Cover and no place in the agenda? Read it here!
91 137 25-10-2016 19:31
[Nov 15th] Visit Spindle in Groningen with Invariant
Barter everything, from rooms and books to your furniture and your grandma.
75 340 29-11-2016 14:37
Uncharted 4 for the PS4
Gossip corner
Gossips everyone needs to know.
19 1633 12-11-2009 13:06
Cover polls
Do you want to know what other members think about an issue? Make a poll. This poll will also be visible on the website. You can place a new poll every 7 days (or 14 if the previous poll was also one of yours.)
286 2748 19-06-2017 15:20
Are you excited for the summer break?
Important announcements by the board and committees.
185 636 11-05-2015 12:59
Summary Brainstorm with the Board
Weblog of the board
36 196 17-10-2015 12:24
32 clocks and what I learned from them

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