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We are the YearbookCee(s). We've created the masterpiece being the yearbook for academic year '17-'18 which we released in March.

The yearbook for '18-'19 is also in the making! Do you want to suggest some #content or do you have some epic idea's? Get in touch!

Committee agenda

Jul 03

Yearbook Social: This was a bad idea

Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

On the last social of this academic year we celebrate bad idea's and the release of the on-time yearbook.

Come and see your friends at 't Gat one last time. On this social, we start of with a short quiz on the past year and some 'bad ideas'. You may risk winning a prize!

After that, we'll release the yearbook titled 'This was a bad idea'. You can reminisce and write in each others yearbook. We provide some free shots, fried snacks, pens, carry bags, and - of course - free yearbooks!

And, as always, we start of with 100 free beers. So come on down and we'll see you there!

YearbookCee X TiviTee

Jul 04

Yearbook TAD


Location: Cover room (0041a)

For some people it may have been a bad idea to attend the social. For those and others:

Come to the Cover room to pick up your yearbook for free! Of course we'll provide some pens and inspiration to reflect on last year and write about in each others yearbook.

If that doesn't float your figurative boat, have some cheese, grapes, fried snacks, and more on us! Also, we doubled the amount of free beers, so come and find out whether that was a bad idea...

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