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The RoomCee is responsible for making sure the Cover room is kept open and fully stocked with snacks and drinks. The room is a nice place to waste your time and keeping it that way is our number one priority. Every thursday at 16:00, there is a social in the room, the TAD. You're invited to come by for a beer or soda!

Committee agenda

Oct 31

[Online] Halloween Horror Movie Night

Do you love horror movies? Are you terrified of them? Don't worry, so are we, but we're gonna watch one anyway! On Halloween night, the 31st of October, we'll be watching a terrifying movie together, online. You'll get all the fun from watching a scary movie with friends, plus all the horror of watching it home alone.

We'll be using Teleparty (formerly called Netflix Party) to all watch the movie together, so you can chat with your friends when you get scared. Which movie will we watch? You can decide! Vote in this weeks poll to pick the scariest (or least scary) movie to watch.

The link to the movie will be available right here on the cover site, on Saturday the 31st of October, so we hope to see you there!

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