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ComExA stands for Committee of External Affairs. This committee supports the commissioner of external affairs by making and keeping contact with companies. This is important for both the members and the association. Cover needs sponsorship to do all kind of awesome things. You get the chance to get to know a company and maybe even find a company for a final project or for a job.

Committee agenda

Mar 19

[Lunch Lecture] DUO: Information Security


Location: Kempkensberg 12, 9722 TB, Groningen

You might know DUO from the student loans they provide for (Dutch) students. But it turns out ome DUO does a lot more! As the executive educational government agency they get us our diploma's, keep a register of all educational organisations in our country and handle the assimilation examination for immigrants. Because of this they work with a lot of confidential information, which is why they are very much focusing on information security. And this is exactly the topic they want to tell us more about!

Tuesday 19th of March we will go to DUO together and visit the 24th floor of the building for a lecture by two information security experts. There will be a lot of room for input and discussion. Afterwards they will provide a free lunch for you!

If you want to participate, please sign up for this activity below. Note that we will leave from the Cover room at 10.15 to cycle there. Of course you can also go to DUO yourselves, we expect everyone to be there 10.45. If you have a car and are willing to drive other people there, you can indicate this in the sign-up form. Nice for people who don't have a bike!

Mar 27

[Lunch Case] ING: Data Analytics


Location: LB 5174.0178

For the last activity in the career month, ING is organizing a case about data analytics. We all know ING as a big international bank based The Netherlands, but they are also very technology oriented. The case will be from 11:00 to 13:00 after which we will enjoy lunch together with the organizers. See you there!

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