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"ActiviTee" represents activities committee. Every month, we organize at least three activities:

  • a "borrel" every first Wednesday of the month in the 'Tapperij'
  • a small activity
  • a big activity

Besides this, we organize a big end of the year party in december and a special big activity before the summer break.

Committee agenda

Feb 07

Valentine Social

Location: 't Gat van Groningen, Poelestraat 51

Valentines day is coming up soon and that means love is in the air! To prepare you for this day we will be doing a lollypop action. This means you can buy a lolly beforehand and write a card to go with it. During the social we will hand these out to the correct persons. So if you want to declare your love to your secret crush, want to send your girl/boyfriend a nice treat or just want to make a friend happy, make sure you don't forget to write your card and order your lollypop in time.

A lollypop will cost 1 euro and you have to order it before 2 February!
Ordering can be done by filling out the form in the Cover room and writing your message.

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