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We are the YearbookCee(s). We've created the masterpiece being the yearbook for academic year '17-'18 for a release soon(ish). Do you want to know the theme? Well, we won't tell you!

The yearbook for '18-'19 is also in the making! Do you want to suggest some #content or do you have some epic idea's? Get in touch!

Committee agenda

Mar 25

Yearbook 17-18 Release

Location: Cover room (0041a)

On this Monday, we present another yearbook that is out of time, but not out of touch! We'll bring you back to the year 2017-2018; where a sharp board started making a yearbook, heroes fought villains, and Cover went to the states!

To really get in the mood of '17-'18 there will be a short quiz on that fabulous year with a prize for you to claim!

Two down, one to go...

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