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The StudCee (formerly known as the Study Support Committee) is there to organise study support sessions as preparation for the exams every period where appropriate, to manage and redact the exams & summaries website and to organise workshops related to the studies.

Are you looking for support with your coursework? Need help with familiarising with the course material? Do you want extra tutoring from a student who already passed that particular course and can help you do the same? Send a request to the mailing list with how you would like to be helped, which course and what you offer is for services rendered.

Are you a student who is willing to help other students and make a bit of money (or coffee, or whatever offer you accept) on the side? Then you should subscribe to the tutoring mailinglist below. From that moment on you will receive all the offers sent to the list.

Tutoring requests Do you need help with a course and do you want to have someone to tutor you in return for a small compensation? Send a request to this mailing list. Are you a student who is willing to tutor students? Subscribe to this mailing list to receive new requests.

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