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The RoomCee is responsible for making sure the Cover room is kept open and fully stocked with snacks and drinks. The room is a nice place to waste your time and keeping it that way is our number one priority. Every thursday at 16:00, there is a social in the room, the TAD. You're invited to come by for a beer, wine or soda!

Committee agenda

Jun 27

Summer Birthday TAD

Is your birthday during summer break and have you always wanted to celebrate it at Cover? Worry no more! On Thursday the 27th we will have a Summer Birthday TAD where all the Summer children can celebrate. There will be singing, there will be cheers, there may be cake. (Feel free to bake =3) Please sign up for the form if you are a summer child, so we can give you a personal mention wink.gif

Due to the GA starting at 17:00, we will start start the TAD at 14:00, so we have plenty of time to celebrate. (Obviously no alcoholic drinks before 16:00)

Hope to see you there.

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