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Hi, we are the IntroCee! With Martijn as cover veteran and our chairman we will be sure to have all our enthusiasm directed towards organising an awesome landing week including a legendary Introcamp! The committee includes second year students Sneha, Maria and Jens. We also have Janco and Leonidas helping us out, they are both third year students. We are very hyped to kickstart your student life as these years are on of the best and fun years of your life! See you at the IntroCamp!

Committee agenda

Sep 04

Kick-off Week Barbecue

Location: Field in front of the Bernouilliborg

After the first few days of the Kick-off Week, it's time to relax with a barbecue and get to know your new friends. This barbecue is free for all first-year students of Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science at the University of Groningen. To make sure no food is wasted, you do need to register for this activity which you can do at

Are you a senior student? Join this barbecue to get to know all new first-years! You can join now for the special price of €5. Register through the link above.

Sep 06

Introductory Camp: Cover Goes Wild!


Location: Pagedal, Hoveniersweg 1, 9502 BW, Stadskanaal.

After you've successfully kicked off your first week of university it is time for an amazing introductory camp! The camp is organized for all first-year students of Artificial Intelligence and Computing Science. During the weekend, you can get to know you fellow first-year students and some senior active members of Cover. There will be games, activities, music and a lot more fun. This year Cover definitely Goes Wild. So don't miss this opportunity to make friends for the rest of your study time! For more information and to sign up, go to

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the camp, it's gonna be ZOOper!