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Committee agenda

Jun 17

Brainstorm with the Board: Plan B

Location: BB 5161.0041b

In this brainstorm, we discuss issues that arose during the General Assembly (June 12) with regards to the future of the association in case of the board not being able to find a new board in time. We would like to invite you to discuss potential scenarios such as interim boards, smaller boards or other solutions. If you would like to support this association and help with finding a solution, then join us!

Jun 21

Alumni Social

Location: Het Heerenhuis, Spilsluizen 9, 9712 NR Groningen, Netherlands

This social will not only be for current Cover members, but also for people who used to be members at Cover! If you want to know what these people are doing after finishing their AI or CS studies, or just like to hear stories about the good old days at Cover, come join us! Note: this social will be at Het Heerenhuis!

Jun 27

General Assembly

Location: BB 5161.0165

In this upcoming General Assembly, we discuss important topics such as the future of the association. More details will follow soon here and via mail.

A General Assembly is a meeting to which every member (and only those) is invited to discuss the future and current state of the association. If you are interested in the internal affairs of Cover, come and join a discussion about events, the budget, the committees and exciting ideas. All major decisions are made at General Assemblies, so, needless to say, it is important that as many members as possible are present.

Jul 05

Large LAMA: BBQ at Hoornseplas


Location: Hoornseplas (Kaapse Baan 1, 9752 XP, Haren)

Please note that this event is based on invitations.

It's time to thank all the members that were active in a committee this year!

As a board we want to thank everybody that made the effort for keeping Cover this awesome by doing a committee. We'll be doing this in the traditional way, by organizing a free barbecue at the Hoornsemeer. Aside from the barbecue we've also arranged a bunch of fun activities (on which more info will follow later). So block the spot in your agenda and come join us on this (hopefully sunny) and relaxed event!

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