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Committee agenda

Sep 24

General Assembly

Location: Cafe de Keyzer, Turftorenstraat 4, 9712 BP Groningen

We hereby invite you to the General Assembly on the 24th of September, 2018. The assembly starts at 19:00 At Cafe de Keyzer.

Relevant documents will be made available on the website during the coming weeks. They will be final one week in advance of the assembly and will be emailed to you at that point. From then, they will also be available in the Cover room. Please read them beforehand, to make the assembly go as smoothly as possible.

We would kindly like to remind that the chairman and treasurer of every committee are expected to attend.

If you can’t attend, but still want your vote to count, please fill in an authorisation form and hand it over to the secretary of the board. Please use this responsibly and write down specifically how you want your vote to be used.

We hope to see you on September 24th!

Kind regards,
Board Sharp