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The Academic Broadening Committee (ABCee) regularly organises study-related activities such as lectures, trips to AI- and CS-related companies and institutes, and of course a yearly trip to a city in a foreign country.

As a student of the course Computer Science or Artificial Intelligence you will regularly come in contact with research. Your courses' teachers are all scientists and very enthusiastic about their research. However, many of us will not (want to) get a job at a university after graduation, which is why it is important to know what else you can do with your degree.

This is why the ABCee organizes a study-related activity every one to two weeks. This way, you get to know about what's currently going on in the fields of AI and CS, which parts interest you, and where you might eventually want to start working after you graduate. So by all means come take a look at one of these activities and be surprised by all the things you can do with AI and CS.