Club Sandwich Club [Join Link]

Are you one of the people who believe that everything is a sandwich? Then come join this club to explore the world of sandwiches, share interesting combinations and chat about life while eating tasty sandwiches.

DnD Club [Join Link]

This club is for fantasy interested students who would like to find a group to share their role-playing passion. Also for everyone that looks to have a fun time and make a nice friend-group.

The Tea Party [Join Link]

A club for drinking tea together! Sharing the tastiest teas, sharing stories (spilling tea), and maybe even baking accompanying baked goods.

UntracktableChess [Join Link]

A club to learn and play chess, develop chess playing machines, that hosts regular chess evenings and tournaments.

VfB Cover [Join Link]

VfB Cover is a club founded in 2021 for all football enthusiasts in the association. Here you can discuss whether Messi or Ronaldo is better, or whether or not Guardiola can only win by spending money.

Physics Club [Join Link]

For people with an interest in or passion for physics. Anyone interested in physics could join, whatever their level.

Poetry Club [Join Link]

A club for people who are all excited about the art of poetry, where poems in any language, as well as possible interpretations and opinions, can be shared

Are you interesed in starting your own club? No problem! Just fill out the club proposal form and the board will help you get started!

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