December 09

Machine Learning Month - Contest final

Event information

Machine Learning Month - Contest final

Date Time

Fri, Dec 9


Bernoulliborg, 151


Fully Connected Graph

Are you ready to teach machines and compete with your model?

Fully Connected Graph is hosting its first ML contest, which is part of Machine Learning Month. In this contest, you will have to solve one of the biggest problems that residents face, which is the Dutch housing crisis. Due to multiple factors, the availability of housing has decreased significantly. This decline has pushed rent to sky-high prices, which leaves many wondering whether they are being taken advantage of. In order to answer this question, you are tasked to predict the rent of houses.

This contest starts on the 14th of November, ends on the 7th of December, and will be hosted on Kaggle. Then on the 9th of December of this block, we will have a physical event where you can present your solution and the judges will decide who takes the crown home.

After the event, there will be a social moment, where people can discuss more about machine learning and enjoy some pizza with their peers.

A team can have 1-3 people and to access the contest and to see more information about it, look at

For questions or searching for teammates, join the FCG server ( )

Let the programming begin!