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Berco Beute will speak about rethinking information systems

07-03-2020, 15:51
Placed by: SympoCee

Berco Beute is a software professional from Groningen and studied AI at the RUG. At the symposium he will be addressing the problems of our current information system infrastructure and will propose an alternative way to build those.

With a master’s degrees in both Communication Science and AI, and a PhD in Distributed Systems Berco has been working on the forefront of internet technologies since the early 90’s as a researcher, developer, CTO, author and entrepreneur. His lifelong passion has always been to think of better ways to build information systems. Berco is currently working as an architect at TKP, founder/CEO of Stekz, founder/CTO of Satys, and organizer of the Dutch Python conference PyGrunn.

Berco will talk about rethinking the ways we build information systems. Copying data all over the place has been a necessity for decades due to network(ing) limitations. While networking has improved dramatically, most implementations of information systems still start by copying data to a central place. In this talk Berco will explain why this can be a problem and offer an alternative approach to building information systems that avoids most of the current pitfalls.

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