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Dirk Zittersteyn is our third speaker

24-02-2020, 17:52
Placed by: SympoCee

Dirk Zittersteyn is a Senior Software Engineer at HackerOne, and studied Computing Science at the University of Groningen. He is our third speaker and a former Cover member!

At HackerOne, founded in 2012 in Groningen, he helps build a hacker-powered security platform. It offers white-hat hackers the possibility to legally hack companies, who welcome their security expertise. Companies use HackerOne to amplify their security team, by tapping in to the expertise of over 600,000 hackers. In the last few years, HackerOne has paid out over $80M to ethical hackers from around the world.

HackerOne has a repository of thousands of publicly accessible vulnerabilities. What better way to learn how to write secure code than by discussing some of the vulnerabilities that hackers have reported on the platform!

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