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Alphabet Party

05-02-2019, 13:01
Placed by: Board

The Alphabet Party is an annual party organised by various study associations of the University of Groningen. Every year we choose a letter from the alphabet and base a theme on that letter. You can all make up your own costume starting with the letter we chose that year.

This year the letter is S! You can either dress as a saint or a sinner this Valentine's and come party with us at the Huize Maas. The doors open at 22:30. If you don't have a costume already you can buy one at Confetti. The ticket for the Alphabet Party includes a 10% discount for Confetti.

To buy a ticket for this party you must sign up! Once you have filled it out you should contact the board of Cover who will give you a physical ticket. Presale tickets are €7 and are available until 11th February. After that, you can buy a ticket at the door for €8.50.