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Mario Kart Competition

19-12-2018, 11:56
Placed by: Board

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! You've been playing Mario Kart for so many years and now finally those skills will pay off! Time to prove who has the best Mario Kart players: Cover or the FMF. There are prizes to be won, including a top prize of glory and honour! (but no seriously, we do have a nice prize for the winner).

The competition will take place on Friday 11th January in the Study Landscape. There will be several consoles set up for Mario Kart. The tournament will be based on how many games you play and how many points you get in each game.

Sign up now to enter the tournament for a chance to win prizes, prove your Mario Kart skills, and to have an all round good time. There will also be pizza available for €5. Make sure to sign up soon, the number of places are limited due to the number of consolses available.