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02-03-2016, 15:27
Placed by: Board

Thinking about a career outside academics? Enrollments for the Beta Business Days 2016 are
open! This great career event for science students will take place on March 22nd & 23rd at
MartiniPlaza! And gives you as a PhD-, Master or Bachelor student the opportunity to investigate
your career prospects and make contacts that could lead to an internship, a thesis project or even
a job. We have a great variety of activities planned such as training sessions, company
presentations, case studies, interviews, business lunches, a big conference and much more!

As you may know, the event is free of charge and includes breakfast, lunch and even drinks after.
After you register online at, take a look at the programme
and enroll with your account for interesting activities!  

Note: some activities such as case studies, business lunches, interviews and recruitment dinners
are based upon selection of your resume. There are two deadlines for the enrollments of these
activities: March 6 & March 13. Don’t miss out!

More Information: