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LAN more time!

02-11-2015, 16:58
Placed by: LCDee

It is time for another LAN organised by the LANcee, this time even harder, better, faster and stronger than the last ones. This means a whole weekend worth of games, drinks and a lot of FUNk. The fun will start around 18:00 on Friday.

There will be no cabled internet, but we will be connected through a LAN-network. If you want internet be sure to bring a WiFi adapter. There will be a transport service for anyone who is not able to arrange their own transport, be sure to tell us if you want to make use of this.

The weekend will take place in the Max Gruber room and will only cost €20 (dinner included). If, however, you do not have the Burnin’ desire to stay the whole weekend and only come one day, then it will cost €15.

There will be a competition, so if you feel lucky you can join. Maybe, if you are doin’ it right, you may win an amazing prize. So if you want to have a weekend that makes you say “One more time”, sign up now at