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Looking for enthusiasts for working groups

17-03-2015, 17:13
Placed by: Board

Last week on the general assembly we already announced it: we are looking for people who would like to help us out by being part of one (or more) of the working groups that will focus on the following subjects:

- The long term plan, a document to help guide our association to awesomeness in the coming years.
- Our corporate identity (‘huisstijl’), to give Cover a unified look throughout all the different media we use.
- The translation of documents, so all our members can read all our documents.
- Internationalisation, because Cover can still do better on involving students from other regions of the world.
- Fellowships, a new concept for groups of people with shared interests.

Would you like to give your opinion and think with us about (one of) these subjects? Then send us an email at, or ask us about it directly!

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