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ActiviTee Bingo!

20-01-2015, 23:08
Placed by: ActiviTee

Last Movienight the ActiviTee started a continious Bingo! The idea behind this bingo is that every ActiviTee activity we will draw some numbers (or a wildcard) which you can cross off your bingo card if you were at the activity. The first one who gets a bingo wins a nice price!

For those who were there but forgot the rules and for those who weren't at the movienight but still want to join, the rules:

1. There is no fee for a bingocard wink.gif
2. You can only cross of numbers you got at activities you visited. The borrels will be 'free', meaning that the numbers we draw for the borrel can be used by anyone.
3. Wildcards can be used on any number, even numbers from activities you missed.
4. When you have bingo you should mail the ActiviTee (or say it at the activity where you got bingo). We will try to confirm it as soon as possible and when it is you will get a price.
5. The game doesn't stop after a bingo. We will play multiple games using the same cards.
6. False bingo's are punishable. Depending on how wrong you are the ActiviTee will think of a suiting punishment.
7. Cheating is (obviously) not allowed.

For the first round we are playing for a horizontal bingo. Next rounds are updated here.

If you want to join the game, come to our activities and ask for a card!