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New borrel location

27-10-2014, 12:05
Placed by: Board

We're happy to announce that we finally have a new borrel location: Café Ome Ko!
Beer, soda and wine will cost only 1 euro until 1 o'clock. There will also be some free 'bitterballen' (a Dutch snack) and the first 25 beers will be for free! So be on time to get one of these. The borrels will start, as usual, at half past nine.
While planning the new dates, we tried to keep the exam periods in mind. Also, Ome Ko is very popular on Wednesday, so the borrel can no longer be at the first Wednesday of the month. The borreldates of this year are:

- Thursday 13 November
- Tuesday 20 January
- Tuesday 24 February
- Tuesday 31 March
- Thursday 23 April
- Tuesday 26 May
- Tuesday 30 June

There isn't a borrel in December, because there is already an the end-of-the-year party in December. This party will be organized by the ActiviTee, and will take place at a different location.